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For top performance in the office

Office structures have become a crucial success factor of the modern business world. Their digital network, flexibility and efficiency are often not only priority decision criteria for awarding a project contract, but also for feasibility and profitability of a contract.

With ORBIoffice, the project developer IWS TownTown AG has implemented a future-oriented office concept, which meets all these demands perfectly and on the highest level. In cooperation with Professor Michael Bartz, scientific counselor of the IMC Krems, as well as numerous other specialists, a flexible working environment was created, which takes perfect account of all requirements and demands of the New World of Work and transforms them into the daily world of work with the building’s DNA.

Continue your work successfully tomorrow

The path to your New World of Work already starts before planning your relocation. With ORBIoffice, we not only record future working methods within your company. At the same time, we structure them and subsequently translate them into an innovative and future-oriented office environment for your specific demands and requirements. For this, we cooperate with companies and leading experts, who develop the optimal office solution for your company together with you and your team.

Success criterion ORBIoffice

ORBIoffice not only offers you individually organized spaces from 800 to 21,600 square meters, but it also enables tailor-made planning of room sizes, working areas and desk spaces. Flexible concepts also allow constant adaptations of office spaces to new room demands and situations over the life cycle with minimal effort.

The preliminary setup for mobile working, cloud computing and video conferencing by means of high-performance WLAN/WIFI is already included. Daylight control and lighting by zones as necessary make work with optimal natural lighting possible and reduce power consumption. For an ideal room climate, we use the innovative principle of thermo-active ceilings rather than regular and expensive air conditioning, increasing the comfort and wellbeing of the users. An additional environment- and cost-friendly benefit: primary energy savings of up to 60 percent.

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* Your ORBIoffice offers

  • Individual consultation by the ORBI Team
  • +30% space efficiency
  • -60% savings of primary energy
  • +30% more meeting rooms
  • Optimized daylight illumination through daylight control
  • Thermo-active ceilings for heating and cooling
  • No regular air-conditioning
  • Powerful Internet connection with high availability
  • Preliminary setup for WLAN/WIFI